Bioguard 家庭消毒搓手液(500ml)
Bioguard 家庭消毒搓手液(500ml)

Bioguard 家庭消毒搓手液(500ml)

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Bioguard 家庭裝消毒搓手液(500ml)

Bioguard Foaming Hand & Body Cleanser Pump (50ml)

  • Bioguard Foaming Hand & Body Cleanser Pump (50ml) provides an alcohol free foam mousse alternative to standard alcohol gel sanitisers. This provides excellent hand and body disinfection where access to wash facilities is restricted or unavailable.
  • Bioguard’s infection control products have been specifically formulated to meet stringent user requirements, superior cleaning action and product versatility whilst being environmentally friendly and effective against MRSA, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and HIV micro-organisms.


Bioguard 特性:
💖適合嬰兒、孕婦及皮膚敏感(如濕疹) 人士和寵物使用
EN14476,EN 1276,EN13704,EN1500,EN1650,EN 12054,EN13727,EN14476


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