hello miffy

miffy是隻迷人的小兔子,她永遠都是小孩子,個性單純、天真無邪、堅決,也勇於嘗試。有時候她2歲,有時候她4歲,她的生活經歷反映了小孩的生活。1955年的北荷蘭,28歲的爸爸Dick Bruna帶著1歲多的兒子到海邊度假,看到有一隻小兔子在海灘邊旁若無人地狂奔。那隻兔子觸動了爸爸,在每晚兒子睡覺前為他講小兔子的故事,後來爸爸把這些故事畫了下來,發行了miffy的第一本故事集。


Miffy was "born" in 1955. While on holiday in Egmond aan Zee, Dick Bruna would tell his eldest son, Sierk, bedtime stories about a little, white bunny, who scampered around the garden of their holiday home. This bunny became the inspiration for Miffy. Later, when Dick began sketching Miffy, he decided he would prefer to draw the bunny in a little dress, rather than a pair of trousers, and so Miffy became a little girl bunny. 

Miffy is Dick Bruna's best known and most popular character, featuring in more than 30 books, far more than any other character he created. Miffy appeals to children all over the world, instilling a sense of safety. Many children are able to identify with Miffy and her adventures. She is uncomplicated and innocent, has a positive attitude and is always open to new experiences.