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The Mr Maria family

Mr Maria creates with love for a loving home, designs that celebrate innocence. With design lighting in the form of characters such as the Miffy lamp but also Mr Maria's own Nanuk the polar bear lamp and Anana the elephant lamp, Mr Maria is a playful world. The designs are part of a home and evoke a sense of security. Mr Maria strives to ensure that the designs radiate tranquility thanks to thoughtful restraint in the use of color and the emphasis on simple beauty of elegant, classic lines.

The designs have a timeless style and are of durable quality. With this they fit in every interior for years. The collection full of character is playful, timeless and soothing. From atmospheric designer lamps to unique home accessories, choose the Mr Maria design that suits your family.




設計具有永恆的風格以及持久的品質。使它們就可以適合放置在不同室內設計。充滿特色的收藏集充滿趣味,永恆和舒緩。從大氣設計師燈具到獨特的家居飾品,選擇適合您家庭的Mr. Maria設計。