We all know that hair tie is a necessity as every girl loves to have their hair tied up while studying / eating or when it is hot, etc.

One thing that is annoying about having the hair tied up all day is that it would probably leave a mark and we all hate this.

This is why INVISIBOBBLE was born.

INVISIBOBBLE can make the mark a lot less pronounced than usual.

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我們都知道髮帶是必不可少的,因為每個女孩都喜歡在學習/用餐 或炎熱時將頭髮紮起來。

成日將把頭髮紮起來很煩人的一件事,是我們都很討厭它可能會留下痕跡,這就是 invisibobble 誕生的原因。

Invisibobble 可以使紮頭髮後痕跡無咁明顯。