Miffy handmade keyhanger mondriaan
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Miffy handmade keyhanger mondriaan

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Miffy Handmade Keyhanger Mondriaan 

Miffy 米飛兒蒙德里安鎖匙扣

handmade by 100% cotton. this hand-made dolls keychain and their different outfits challenge children to explore the world in a playful manner. all the clothes are crocheted by the disabled. by purchasing these dutch designs, you help a large group of disadvantages women find work and stable income.

material: 100% cotton
dimension: ø5 x h12 cm

由 100% 純棉手工製作。這款手工製作的玩偶鑰匙扣及其不同的服裝挑戰孩子們以有趣的方式探索世界。所有的衣服都是殘疾人用鉤針編織的。通過購買這些荷蘭設計,您可以幫助一大群處於劣勢的女性找到工作和穩定的收入。

材質:100% 棉
尺寸:ø5 x h12 cm

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