Boris handmade Mondrian Overall
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Boris handmade Mondrian Overall

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Boris handmade Mondrian Overall (25cm)

Boris 手工鮑里斯蒙德里安服裝

meet miffy's best friend, boris,  from just dutch. perfect for both boys and girls, this boris doll has a friendly face that all kids will love. makes an excellent gift, especially when it's paired with his bff miffy.  

- made in: vietnam under fair trade conditions
- machine wash at 30°c/ hand-wash is advisable
suitable for kids over 3 years

materials: 100% cotton, poly filling
dimensions: h25 cm

認識來自荷蘭的米菲最好的朋友鮑里斯。這款鮑里斯娃娃非常適合男孩和女孩,擁有所有孩子都會喜歡的友好面孔。是一件很棒的禮物,尤其是與他的 bff miffy 搭配時。  

- 製造於:公平貿易條件下的越南
- 30°c 機洗/建議手洗
適合 3 歲以上兒童

材料:100% 棉,滌綸填充
尺寸:h25 厘米

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