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INVISIBOBBLE Original Crystal Clear
  • 各種髮質都適用,告別咬髮、頭痛、鬆脫!
  • 不留綁痕、不傷頭髮
  • 防水且容易清潔

invisibobble Original Crystal Clear is a traceless hair tie with a unique spiral shape, available here in a versatile transparent color. Designed with a smooth surface, the invisibobble doesn't create any kinks or tangles in your hair! It's also a practical and hygienic alternative to classic hair ties, since it's easily cleaned and doesn't absorb any water. This revolutionary hair tie provides a strong yet comfortable hold for daily use, allowing you to create and switch up your hairstyle throughout the day. The perfect companion for every occasion, this hair tie can also double as a youthful bracelet when you're not using it.


invisibobble Original Crystal Clear has the following characteristics:

  • Spiral shape leaves no trace in the hair after removal;
  • Longer lifespan than a classic hair tie;
  • Composed of polyurethane, better known as artificial resin, it doesn't absorb dirt nor bacteria. Furthermore, it's very easy to clean.

How to use

Use invisibobble Original Crystal Clear to style your hair like you would use any classic hair tie. If you find that your invisibobble has stretched with use, simply put it out in the sun, on top of a heater, or in hot water. The heat will cause the material to contract.

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