Miffy - Flat Keychain Tiny Teddy - Pink
Miffy - Flat Keychain Tiny Teddy - Pink

Miffy - Flat Keychain Tiny Teddy - Pink

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Miffy Flat Keychain Tiny Teddy-Pink  米菲兒 - 扁平鑰匙圈小泰迪 - 粉紅色

這不是有史以來最好的新米菲鑰匙圈嗎?她超級柔軟可愛,而且擁有絕對最好的身材。她是最可愛的背包配件,理想的鑰匙扣,我們不要忘記她也適合小錢包。當您不帶大包時,無需將她留在家裡!這款可愛的小泰迪布料完全由 100% 再生聚酯纖維製成!


  • 粉紅色的
  • 100% 再生 PET
  • 10 厘米 

Isn't this the best new Miffy keychain ever?! She is super soft and cuddly and has the absolute best shape. She's the cutest bagpack accessory, an ideal key holder and let's not forget the fact that she also fits in small purses. No need to leave her at home when you're not bringing your big bags! This adorable Tiny Teddy fabric is completely made of 100% recycled polyester!

Your Tiny Teddy Miffy is handcrafted. You can wash her, but we don't recommend using a machine. Hand wash only.

  • Pink
  • 100% recycled PET
  • Hand wash
  • 10 cm - 4”

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