Miffy Sitting Denim Light Wash

Miffy Sitting Denim Light Wash

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Miffy Sitting Denim Light Wash 

Size: 23cm

Following in the footsteps of Miffy Corduroy, Bon Ton’s creative team searched for more trendy and durable fabrics that would fit well with Miffy’s simple shape and would inspire new and existing Miffy fans.

The name “denim” comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called “Serge de Nîmes”, initially made in Nîmes, France, hence “de Nîmes”.

Denim was initially applied to jeans as working clothes. Originally the symbol of disobedience Denim became one of the most used fashion fabrics.

The history of denim is long and colourful, so is that of Miffy.

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