Miffy Standing Pyjama
Miffy Standing Pyjama
Miffy Standing Pyjama

Miffy Standing Pyjama

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Miffy Standing Pyjama 米飛兒睡衣站立米飛兒



米菲的填充物由 100% 再生聚酯製成,我們的供應商都經過精心挑選,兩者都符合「道德供應鏈」(ICTI) 狀態。
  • 顏色:藍色、多種、白色
  • 材料:100% 再生 PET 填充|聚酯外層布料
  • 護理標籤:手洗
  • 尺寸:24 厘米 - 10 英寸
Sweet Miffy here loves a pyjama party! Gather your friends, find a Miffy movie you love and between you and us; Miffy loves a bit of popcorn. Let's get this pyjama party started!

Your sweet Miffy is handcrafted. You can wash her, but we don't recommend using a machine. Hand wash only.

Miffy’s filling is made of 100% recycled polyester and our suppliers are carefully selected and all meet the “ethical supply chain” (ICTI) status.
  • COLOR:Blue, Multi, White
  • MATERIAL:100% recycled PET filling|Polyester outer fabric
  • CARE LABEL:Hand wash
  • SIZE:24 cm - 10''

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