Miffy standing Santa
Miffy standing Santa
Miffy standing Santa
Miffy standing Santa

Miffy standing Santa

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Miffy standing santa 聖誕站立米菲兒


米菲兒的填充物由 100% 再生聚酯製成,我們的供應商都經過精心挑選,兩者都符合「道德供應鏈」(ICTI) 狀態。
材料:100% 再生 PET 填充|聚酯外層布料

Ho ho ho! Miffy loves to dress up for Christmas. Put on your Santa hat and celebrate with her or cuddle up to the fireplace together.

Your little Santa Miffy is handcrafted. You can wash her, but we don't recommend using a machine. Hand wash only.

Miffy’s filling is made of 100% recycled polyester and our suppliers are carefully selected and all meet the “ethical supply chain” (ICTI) status.
COLOR:Red, White
MATERIAL:100% recycled PET filling|Polyester outer fabric
CARE LABEL:Hand wash
SIZE:14 cm - 5"

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